Spin - The shortlegged spider

  • Concept creation
  • Copywriting
  • Illustration
As a joke, we sent it to a publisher. To our surprise, the publisher accepted it and it was actually published.

The project came together when 5 students were asked to do ”anything” in our creative class at our university. We were looking for a project that would challenge us and push the boundaries of our creativity. As we brainstormed ideas, we stumbled upon the concept of writing a picture book for adults that tackled modern adult problems in a childlike manner. We thought it would be a funny and unconventional project, and decided to run with it. We spent the next few weeks writing and designing the book, which we titled Spin. It was designed to resemble a children’s book, but the themes it addressed were more relevant to adults, such as alcoholism, sexual frustration, and swearing. Despite the unconventional nature of the project, we were excited to see how it would be received.


Marieke van den Booren
Thomas van der Heiden
Stijn van Oosterwijk
Marissa Snippe
Nikki Amaechi